About Us

BtcEX is Hong Kong's leading cryptocurrency exchange provider since October 2016. We provide a secure, liquidity & stable banking solution platform to allow customers to trade safely and be able to quickly withdraw from the exchange.
Along with the fastest execution on our platform, we offer you a secure USD & HKD and cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal. The advanced charting tools will help you make informed trades. Your funds and tokens are safe with us and the deposits and withdrawals are processed using the most secure channel available.

What can you expect from us?

Quick and efficient trading. The orders are placed and matched actively in real time providing you the best overall trading experience.
The order book is deep and the spreads are usually tight providing you the liquidity you seek with minimal slippage.
The tick size and lot sizes are small, allowing you to trade every available opportunity.

Account and Wallet Security practices

Your account login is completely secured by two-step authentication.Your investment in digital coins are safely stored in our hardware wallets, the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies minimizing the risk of being hacked and stolen.
All coins transfers are processed in the most secure and fastest way possible.

Low trading costs

The trading fees are minimal (0.1 % for Buyers and 0.1% for Sellers), including all taxes.
Automatic trade bot is coming soon, which will allow you to scale your trading and profits.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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